CoolSculpting Results

Are the CoolSculpting Results Immediate?

Most patients start seeing results about a month after treatment, with the most visible change occurring two months after treatment. Improvement continues for up to six months following treatment as the fat cells continue to die off, and eventually are removed from the body.

Each Body Is Different

Results vary by individual and body area, but the most dramatic results are noticed when one body area is treated, while the matching one on the opposite side is not. The first person I treated received the CoolSculpting procedure on one side only, and has maintained the improvement for many years. That was the first evidence that convinced me. There are many published clinical trials that show average results on various body areas – these study CoolSculpting in a scientific way. Talk to people who have undergone the procedure to get their feedback, and browse the web for photos. Still, the only way to find out how you will respond in a certain area is to be treated.

Second Treatment – Yes or No?

Most patients treated in our office do not require a second treatment to the same area, but some patients want further improvement and will return for a second set of treatments. We suggest waiting at least six months before deciding to treat an area the second time, as maximum improvement can take that long, in some cases even longer.