No More Double Chin

The CoolMini procedure uses a cool cup applicator that is perfectly sized for the area under the chin – your ultimate solution to unwanted chin fat.

And how does it work? The treatment with the CoolMini applicator is very similar to a CoolSculpting procedure on any other area of the body:

  • The CoolMini applicator is placed on the chin, or submental area, and special pillows are used to position the head for comfort.
  • You might feel gentle suction on the area initially. As the skin is cooled down, the treated area feels cold for about 5-10 minutes, followed by numbness and virtually no sensation at all.
  • Now you can start watching a movie on your tablet or use your phone for the remaining treatment time, about 35-45 minutes.

After CoolMini

After the treatment, a small butter-stick develops in the cooled area of fat, which is massaged for about 5 minutes. As the fat recedes, the skin often tightens with the receding fat.

At Main Line Center for Laser Surgery, we did a pivotal study using two overlapping cycles to treat larger areas of neck fullness more effectively.

The wonderful thing about CoolMini, like all CoolSculpting procedures, is that it is non-invasive and only attaches to the surface of the skin, while the cold treatment reaches the fat below. The CoolMini procedure is very effective, and involves little to no downtime.

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