What to Expect

The CoolSculpting Treatment

A typical CoolSculpting session takes anywhere between 35-45 minutes, depending on the treatment area:

  • A sticky gel pad is place on your skin that has been cleaned with a gentle solution.
  • The CoolSculpting applicator is placed over the treatment area – you might feel gentle suction on the area.
  • As the skin is cooled down initially, the treated area feels cold for about 5-10 minutes, followed by numbness and virtually no sensation at all.
  • At this point, patients usually turn to their phones or a movie on a tablet for the remaining treatment time.

What Can I Expect after Treatment?

Immediately after treatment, the applicator and pad are removed and the skin looks like a ‘stick of butter’ on your body.  The skin is red, cold to the touch and somewhat firm, almost like butter coming out the refrigerator. But not to worry – the treated area is properly massaged to break up the cold fat cells; this is thought to improve the results compared to treating without massage. The massaging lasts about 5 minutes and can feel tingly as the skin starts warming up – imagine warming up your hands after being out in the cold. Once the treatment area warms up to your body temperature again, you can return to your daily activities.